Discover Swarovski crystals and application methods behind the Champagne Sliders

Champagne Sliders designed by the Swarovski Design Team

Footwear design

Champagne Sliders

As dressing up moves into daywear, bejeweled feet are no longer reserved for evenings. Sensational sparkle is now worn 24/7, whatever the occasion. Combine this trend with another for tranquility and authenticity, and you have these subtly expressive sliders embellished with crystals from Swarovski in sparkling shades of champagne.

Close up of Champagne Sliders designed by the Swarovski Design Team

"Embrace minimalism, celebrate imperfection and welcome tranquility with a handcrafted antidote to flawlessness."

How to mechanically apply Swarovski crystals

How to add shine to shoes

To step up the sparkle on these sliders, a fly press was used to apply Swarovski Rivets. This mechanical device is simple to work and will quickly secure Rivets to all kinds of fabrics. Because it can be used on thicker materials, it is especially suitable for embellishing accessories such as footwear and bags.

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