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Modern Romance Earring design inspiration with Swarovski crystals

Jewelry design

Modern Romance Earring

Joyful, bright and unashamedly opulent, this design embraces contemporary femininity and a love of decoration. Swarovski DeLite effects bring an unrivalled luminescence to a sweet and playful palette, while an exaggerated silhouette gives it edge.

Close up of modern Romance Earring design inspiration with Swarovski crystals
“Swarovski DeLite effects bring an unrivaled luminescence.”
How to create statement earrings with swarovski crystals

How To Create A Statement Earring

To fashion a beautifully fluid line of sparkle, each crystal was fixed into a metal prong setting by hand. Most commonly, their four tiny prongs holding the stone in place, which can be closed over the stone with pliers, tweezers or setting closers.

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