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Explore "Bewitching Bling" with Swarovski Crystals

Bewitching Bling design inspiration with Swarovski crystals

Book of Dreams Vol. III design

Bewitching Bling

When crystal steals the show. Be amazed by this emotive image in which Jenny Bui's nail designs sparkle in the spotlight thanks to the inimitable radiance of Swarovski Flat Backs and Fancy Stones in tones such as Crystal Paradise Shine, Crystal Golden Shadow and Crystal Royal Blue DeLite.

An inspiration from the latest Book of Dreams Vol. III. Published by Swarovski in
collaboration with Garage Magazine

Dress: Altuzarra
Earrings: Atelier Marangoni (part of Swarovski Archives), Roxanne Assoulin
Rings: Carole Tanenbaum
Photography: Ed Singleton
Creative direction: Giovanna Engelbert in collaboration with Garage Magazine

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