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Wild berry bag design inspiration with Swarovski crystals

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Wild berry bag

In a rebellion against the picture-perfect digital world, fashion is tapping into primal energies and embracing a raw and untamed aesthetic. This bag entwines berry-colored Crystal Pearls for a rich organic effect with strings of free-flowing crystals hung amid soft fur to create a dynamic tactility.

Close up of wild berry bag design inspiration featuring Swarovski crystals
“Fashion is tapping into primal energies and embracing a raw and untamed aesthetic.”
How to apply Swarovski pearls

How To Go Wild With Pearls

Create this wild berry effect using wirework, a versatile technique that can be used on all sorts of design projects, such bracelets and earrings. Wire or pins are shaped into loops or spirals using chain-nose or round-nose pliers, then threaded with Crystal Pearls of different sizes in tone-on-tone colors to create a natural look.

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