Inspirations & Innovations – Fall/Winter 2020/21

Crystal & Emotions

Love All — with Swarovski

In a reaction to the virtual world’s isolating effects we are placing more value in emotional currency. It is kindness, joy and optimism that are showing us how to live our best, most creative lives. So, it’s time to shine a light on love in all its guises, whether it’s nostalgia for the past, a desire to embrace the moment, an impulse to entertain the extreme, or a need to abandon oneself to nature’s forces…

Introducing The Four Trends

Then & Now

Reworked Vintage Glamour

Discover Fabulous 40s Finesse

The Forties are having a fashion moment. There is a focus on “buying better” for a long-term wardrobe that embraces sartorial quality. Heritage and classic styles are mixed and matched, while honoring a thoroughly modern future. Keywords include: heritage, streamlined, structured, directional and ensemble.

Discover color palette of Then & Now trend by Swarovski

Reinterpreting the Past

Rich browns and classic tans recall the natural woods and fabrics employed by the Utility Design Panel during the 1940s. These colors achieve greater depth through the contemporary prism of multifaceted crystal shades, such as Cappuccino DeLite, Smoked Topaz and Jet. Meanwhile, Siam offers a splash of Old Hollywood lipstick-red, and Light Grey and Light Silk echo those once sought-after silk stockings.

The Statement Headpiece

The Classics Are Elevated To Iconic Status In Contemporary Accessory Interpretations.


Modern & Romantic

The New Romance

Return to femininity

As we embrace joy colors become sweet and bright, while materials are natural, soft and tactile, shapes cuddle and cocoon, and styles are simple and relaxed. The focus is on a romantic redux: a return to femininity, but now with tongue firmly in cheek and a contemporary edge. Keywords include: romantic, gentle, quirky, layered, dreamy and contemplative.

Discover color palette of modern & romantic trend by Swarovski

Romancing the Now

New Crystal DeLite colors are the perfect expression of new romance. Modernity loves bright, iridescent hues that reflect individual’s moods, such as Royal Blue, Royal Red, Lotus Pink and Orange Glow DeLites. But they are always tempered by the softer shades like soothing Silky Sage DeLite and gentle Powder Rose Crystal Pearls.

Cascading Earrings

Decorative And Intricate Aesthetics Add Narrative And Interest To Jewelry Pieces.


Extreme & Casual

A New Fashion Landscape

Have An Outdoor Adventure

A wardrobe of sturdy outdoor pieces in technically advanced textiles offers adventure and a way out of our increasingly sedentary and tech-driven lifestyles. As a result, we are seeing outerwear elements integrated into everyday apparel – the era of tech-tility has arrived. Keywords include: eclectic, hi-lo, shiny, bold, shape-fitting, new formats and modern casual.

Discover color palette of extreme & casual trend by Swarovski

Blurring the Boundaries

Indoor meets outdoor, formal meets casual, fashion-forward meets classic … As boundaries blur and dissolve, a new fashion landscape is evolving. Colors have their part to play, too, with earthy shades like Ochre DeLite, Smoky Quartz and Dark Grey set against gleaming metallics such as Light Chrome, electrifying flashes of Scarlet and the digital tones of Iridescent Dark Blue.

The Return Of The Balaclava

Soft Materials Merge With Sparkling Elements For Fantastical Design Interpretations.


Wild & Chic

A force of nature

Unleash A Primal Energy

Desiring respite from a picture-perfect digital world, we revel in things we cannot control, releasing an extreme aesthetic of rugged, windswept nature. The call of the wild has entered the mainstream, letting the raw and the abandoned, the imperfect and the undone, rewrite the trend narrative. Keywords include: magnificent, raw, fantastic, wild and mythical.

Discover color palette of Wild & Chic trend by Swarovski

Embracing the Real

Shaggy faux-furs and fluid silhouettes are complemented by nature’s palette: think of the richness of wild berry hues like Mulberry Pink Pearl and Elderberry Pearl; a lush mossy carpet of Silky Sage DeLite; the craggy drama of Graphite and Crystal Dorado, all frosted with sparkling Silver Patina effect.

Wild For Hand Bags

Random elements and wild fringing convey a sense of freedom and power.


Discover “Love All”

Our Inspirations & Innovations Fall/Winter 20/21 brochure is all about unfolding the passion of creativity. It includes four trend themes, each exploring joy, optimism and love in all its guises.

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“Love All” Crystal Innovations

Classic neutral tones are upgraded with more depth and drama, while color becomes trans-seasonal as typically summery hues and candy brights infiltrate the winter season and dark, moody shades are used with wild abandon. Meanwhile, the tactile and the raw are celebrated with shimmering pave surfaces, natural formations and off-kilter crystals in beautiful undulating patterns.

Heart Cut Pendant

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Fantasy Fancy Stones

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Crystal Berry Pearls

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Crystal Lacquer PRO Delite Effects

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