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Incredible fashion and a long-lasting creative partnership

Dior and Swarovski

Swarovski & Dior: the creative collaboration

The haute couture tradition was founded in the mid-19th century—just years before Daniel Swarovski founded his namesake company in 1895. Since then, Swarovski’s approach to creating flawless crystals and technical innovation has captured the attention of the fashion world. The result: partnerships that celebrate incredible creativity and design, including a long-standing collaboration with the house of Dior.

Ad featuring the collaboration between Dior and Swarovski Professional

Haute Couture Meets Crystal

The Beginning of a Brilliant Partnership

By the time Christian Dior debuted his revolutionary New Look silhouette in February 1947, the French designer had been collaborating with Swarovski for several years. In 1956, Manfred Swarovski, grandson of Daniel Swarovski, partnered with Monsieur Dior himself to create the Aurore Boreale effect. The AB effect brought exquisite shimmer to his couture designs—and their partnership to new heights.

A Sparkle Never Seen Before

Introducing the Aurore Boreale Effect

In its constant quest for new ways to make crystals shine with even more sparkle, Swarovski developed a revolutionary metal coating for crystals. This was how the Aurore Boreale came to be. Named after the natural phenomenon known as Northern Lights, the AB effect epitomized Swarovski’s innovative, precise approach and Dior’s creative ambition and lifelong passion for nature.

Swarovski & Dior: the legacy continues

Dress from Dior with Swarovski crystals by Swarovski Professional
The AB effect marked a bold new step in the partnership between Swarovski & Dior, and has brought brilliance to the collections ever since, from Monsieur Dior’s protégée, Yves Saint Laurent, to John Galliano and Maria Grazia Chiuri today. Dior is the designer of dreams — dreams realized for seven decades by Swarovski’s sparkling products, expertise, and innovations.