Glaciarium Helios by Fredrikson Stallard

It’s no surprise that Helios, Fredrikson Stallard’s stunning circular chandelier, reminds the onlooker of a heavenly ring of light. It was named after the mythical Greek sun god who was believed to ride his golden chariot across the sky each day in order to bring the sun from east to west.

A singular feature of each crystal is its raw, rippling surface that is cut to throw off dazzling shards of light. However, Helios’ monumental, light-filled beauty isn’t simply a nostalgic symbol of ancient myth or of traditional aesthetics; technically accomplished and superbly executed, it draws on Swarovski’s heritage, expertise, and history of innovation, along with Fredrikson Stallard’s cutting-edge credentials, to offer an LED lighting design that chimes perfectly with contemporary sensibilities. This dazzling statement chandelier is especially suited for use in luxury environments and private residences, as well as dedicated spaces such as spas, clubs, restaurants, and high-end cafés. It can be dimmed, and there is also a choice of two diameters—560mm and 1082mm—making it work well in both small and larger rooms.

Swarovski Crystal Palace collections are available for purchase through Swarovski sales teams and selected retailers globally. For more information:

Specification Sheet

GLACIARIUM HELIOS by Fredrikson Stallard Specification Sheet

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Last Update: 07 / 2018

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