Mini Beads from Swarovski

Dazzling variety abounds with the Mini Beads collection from Swarovski

No matter what look or style you are wearing – the Mini Beads from Swarovski are the perfect compliment. The Mini Beads, made using the finest Swarovski crystal, are easy to work with and perfect for beaded, strung, wired, sewn and woven applications. Mini Size Beads can also be used in a variety of different ways from use as jewelry, in fashion and even as DIY accessories that ensures you sparkle as bright as the Swarovski crystal.

The versatility of the Mini Beads from Swarovski means that they can be suitably worn and fashioned for both everyday use, as well as for use in more formal wear or special occasions, making them the perfect gift for any situation or event.

With their flat, geometric shapes, the Mini Beads radiate the kind of luxurious style that has become synonymous with the finest Swarovski crystals all while revealing their complexity through refined cuts that suit the trends in filigree jewelry and opulent designs using small elements. Available in 6 mm and 8 mm, the vibrant colors and cool tones of the Mini Beads from Swarovski are also available in multiple colors including the Light Silk color and Crystal Rose Gold effect. 

There really is nothing mini about the impact that the Mini Beads from Swarovski will make to any range of jewelry. Who’s ready to get started and dazzle in a myriad of ways?