Jewelry Inspirations with Chris Bangle

The Illusion collection, which uses the finest Swarovski crystals and is designed by Chris Bangle for Swarovski’s Designer Edition Series, has already been introduced to the public, set in stunning crystal jewelry pieces created by three legends of the world of jewelry design. Italian Andrea Marazzini presented a sinuously curved setting for his necklace; Frenchman Philippe Ferrandis opted for a sleekly futuristic look for his jewelry set; and Spanish jewelry brand UNOde50 chose deceptive simplicity for a necklace and bracelet.

Each piece from Swarovski’s Illusion collection draws attention to the geometry of Bangle’s uniquely unconventional cuts. Both evocative and dimension defying, the third dimension is compressed along its axis, leaving behind a 2.5D feel in a crystal that still manages to retain volume. The result is a trio of crystals that exude both space and dimension, even while appearing intrinsically flat.

Andrea Marazzini

Jewelry Designs from Andrea Marazzini

Philippe Ferrandis

Jewelry designs from Philippe Ferrandis


Jewelry design from UNOde50

Featured in the Illusion collection from Swarovski is the Tilted Chaton Fancy Stone (art. 4928). Available in two sizes: 12mm and 18mm sizes, each with a minimum order quantity of 24 pcs, and comes in Crystal F color, plus four effect combinations. Its rounded top and angular tip makes it ideally suited to geometric designs, as well as providing a great base for modern mosaics and larger floral designs. With reduced height and weight, it’s perfect for earrings, rings, textiles and accessories with matching settings are offered – a truly versatile piece of precious crystal jewelry.

The Tilted Spike Fancy Stone (art. 4929), also available in the Illusion collection from Swarovski comes in 14 x 10.5mm (minimum order quantity 48 pcs) and 24 x 17mm (15 pcs). Available shades include Crystal F color, plus four effect combinations. With a pointed top and bottom that make it suitable for a wide variety of patterns, it’s ideal for jewelry, apparel and accessories, with matching settings available.

The Tilted Dice Fancy Stone (art. 4933) is available in two sizes of 19mm (minimum order quantity of 15 pcs) and 27mm (8 pcs) in Crystal F color, along with four effect combinations. Its distinctive silhouette offers new possibilities for “constructed” and androgynous jewelry, apparel, and accessories, as well as making a striking standalone piece that complements the Illusion collection from Swarovski perfectly. Matching settings are offered.

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