The Edelweiss Fancy Stone from Swarovski

Celebrating 120 years

Like his father before him, Daniel Swarovski learned the trade of crystal cutting, however, instead of simple refinement, Daniel Swarovski pursued perfection. One day Swarovski discovered the secret of how to cut crystal in a way that made it sparkle like a gem. To do so, he founded a company in a small town in the Austrian mountains. Here he would use the powers of nature as his ally and under the sign of the edelweiss, Swarovski’s first logo, Daniel Swarovski started producing what was destined to become the most famous crystal in the world.

To commemorate our heritage and to celebrate the courageous undertaking of our founder, this year we are introducing the Edelweiss Fancy Stone from Swarovski - the first 3D edelweiss design in full crystal. With the use of the finest Swarovski crystals, its precise facets, complex cut and smoothly rounded petals create the most detailed and realistic flower that has ever been available in crystal.

Another Swarovski Original full of possibilities

Also available in a partly frosted version, the new Edelweiss Fancy Stone from Swarovski offers countless design possibilities. For vintage or heritage-inspired designs, particularly those using traditional materials and fabrics, it adds a new dimension of tactility. Alternatively, it makes for an unexpected eye-catcher in contemporary romantic styles. Combine it with the other products of the Edelweiss Family (Flat Back and Pendant) for matching costume pieces that will add that trademark Swarovski sparkle to any fashion jewelry collection.

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