Design History: Swarovski and Dior

Christian Dior was undoubtedly one of the most influential fashion designers of the last century. He saw the potential of Swarovski Crystals with the Aurora Borealis effect for his fashions and consequently incorporated it into his work. The beginning of a success story for both companies.

The year Swarovski crystals added sparkle to the Northern Lights

In 1954 the first experiments on the development of a new surface coating for SWAROVSKI crystals began. It was during this process an interesting effect was achieved: producing exactly the colors that bring to mind the Northern Lights – the Aurora Borealis. Just two years later, in 1956, SWAROVSKI launched the glamorous Aurora Borealis crystal effect with dazzling results.

With this surface coating, the classic Swarovski crystal was transformed into a glittering gem – its colors changing from a fascinating green to blue to violet and to a magical red. The first designer to be fascinated by this new effect was Christian Dior himself. Without hesitation Dior used the Aurora Borealis crystal effect from Swarovski in his collection the same year. From that point on, the Aurora Borealis crystal effect experienced unparalleled success in the design world, and remains a Swarovski classic bringing glamour to those who choose to wear it. At Swarovski, we have continued ever since to alter and innovate the perception of crystal, with new colors, effects and shapes.

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