Asia-Pacific Market

The impact of South Korean culture—tech innovation, K-pop, and bright, funky design—has been huge on the important Asia-Pacific market. By mixing a vintage aesthetic with tactile mixed media surfaces, florals have staged a comeback. Asia’s classic hoop earring has also received a makeover with the use of synthetics, outsize proportions, and front-facing arrangements. Bolo ties and chokers featuring cord, ribbon, velvet, and leather buckle elements, channel a 90s grunge and rocker vibe. A Pop Art aesthetic of cartoon motifs in saturated hues and 80s Memphis Group graphics gets a revival in enameled jewelry, a rainbow of beads and fluoro highlights. The look is bold, playful, and unisex, signaling the rise of the “kidult.” And, like the US and Europe, quirky and delicate jewelry is mismatched, layered, and stacked to create a highly individual heirloom style.

Ultra Fine Rocks Earrings

Taking inspiration from vintage designs, the rose-gold colored Ultra Fine Rocks Earrings combine a dazzling crust of crystals with a 3D floral motif to create an opulent update on traditional jewelry silhouettes. The crystallized section is interchangeable, offering two color options of Crystal and Crystal Moonlight—ideal for day-to-night dressing.


  • Crystal Ultra Fine Rocks IT version on rose gold-polished earring

  • Interchangeable Ultra Fine Rocks component

  • Offers versatile color options

Flower Drop Earrings

Vintage heirloom pieces are the inspiration behind the dazzling Flower Drop Earrings. Opulent crystals, in a choice of golden, blue or purple hues, throw out shards of light as they dangle from a feminine 3D floral motif. It is an elevation of a popular silhouette into a sensational update on traditional design.


  • Crystals glued in rose-gold metal earrings

Modern Loop Earrings

The perennial hoop earring not only remains a popular street style, it is worn in many ways throughout Asia—from classic thin hoops to thicker contemporary silhouettes. With their oversize proportions, crystallized face and cascade of dainty chains, Modern Loop Earrings are anultra-modern take on the trend. Worn either as a pair, or as a single statement piece, the look is truly dazzling.


  • Crystals glued in silver metal creoles

Flower Loop Earrings

Combining vintage aesthetics with the popular hoop silhouette, the Flower Loop Earrings feature an elegant petal motif in two stunning color variants. The dazzling crystals add a touch of opulence, elevating an everyday style to something eye-catching and very contemporary.


  • Crystals set in rose gold or gunmetal creoles

Fancy Bolo Tie

Fancy Bolo Ties reflect a huge trend in Asia, their colorful, fresh and playful aesthetic popular with young fashion lovers who like to have fun with their look. The dazzling, full-spectrum flower motif, set against the colored textile cord, looks great with a range of daytime and evening outfits.


  • 3 color options

  • Crystals glued in rose-gold metal components

  • Colored textile cord

Bolo Tie Necklace

The Bolo Tie Necklace and the Classic Bolo Tie reflect a huge trend in Asia and Europe, their colorful, fresh and playful aesthetic popular with young fashion lovers who like to have fun with their style. The dazzling central motif, created using plastics, ceramics and metals, ensures a surprising, multi-textural finish. The colored textile cord completes the look.


  • Crystals set in rose gold-polished component

  • Fancy Stones have a claw setting

  • The Bolo Tie is height-adjustable (to form a pendant necklace or a light necklace)

Classic Bolo Tie

Offering a monochrome take on the colorful Bolo Ties, the Classic Bolo Tie boasts a more understated, but just as dazzling, aesthetic. It features a large central crystal set in colored resin framed with smaller crystals, each separate element following a harmony of the same shade: blue, purple or black.


  • Crystals glued in colored resin components

  • Colored textile cord

Bangle Twist

As the demand for pieces that can be layered to create unique looks increases, delicate jewelry that is easily stacked and mixed ‘n’ matched to outfits has made a comeback. The Bangle Twist features elegant rose gold-toned bars with crystal detailing and a dainty chain to express a very feminine sense of balance and harmony combined with silver-toned bangle.


  • Layering bangles

  • Crystals glued in rhodium-polished bangle

  • Moveable crystal bead fixed with stud on polished rose gold-colored bangle

Bangle A, B, C, D

The on-trend individualist look demands pieces that are easily layered, stacked and mixed ‘n’ matched to outfits. Bangles A, B, C and D make layering easy with their delicate silhouettes and feminine styling. Notable details are the dainty chain, the elegant rose gold-colored rods and the sparkling crystal cuts styled to create balance and harmony.

Bangle A


  • Crystals glued in rose-gold metal components

Bangle B


  • Crystal glued in rose-gold metal components

Bangle C


  • Crystals glued in rose-gold metal components

  • Hinged at the bottom — open oval bangle

Bangle D


  • Crystals glued in silver components

  • Closed round bangle