Swarovski Crystal–Embellished Knitwear

More than just a trend, athleisure is a fashion evolution that has seen yoga pants worn from the mat to the supermarket, casual knits keeping their cool from coffee to dinner, and performance fabrics seamlessly integrated into working hard at the office. This focus on health, comfort, and functionality may be a baseline shift in the way we dress for the 21st century, but it hasn’t come at the expense of old-fashioned, last-century glamour. The need is for clothes that perform well, while the desire remains as strong as it ever was for dazzling, eye-catching embellishment. We still love to make a statement with how we look.

Like no other form of ornamentation, light-filled Swarovski crystals offer a brilliantly simple, long-lasting, and versatile way to update all kinds of athleisure knitwear. Use Crystal Fabric, Foil Print, Metallic Transfer and Strass Transfer to create myriad standout designs. Sew-on Stones, Fancy Stones, and Crystal Pearls make radiant individual highlights or glittering encrustations at the shoulder, the yoke, the cuff, or emblazoned across the front and back. Trompe-l'œil necklace effects are as striking as shimmering color degradé details. The essential idea is to add definition that introduces sparkling femininity into everyday wear.

Proposal 1

The athleisurewear trend is reflected in the sporty shape of this sweater, while an encrustation of Fancy Stones and Crystal Pearls in pretty pastels gives it glamour.

Nr.ProductgroupArticlenr.SizeAmount usedPackaging Unit
1Fancy Stone4773 00118×9.5 mm3 pcs48 pcs
2Setting4773/S H2 O18×9.5 mm3 pcs48 pcs
3Fancy Stone4706 00112 mm3 pcs72 pcs
4Setting4706/S H2 O12 mm3 pcs72 pcs
5Fancy Stone4568 001 AB14×10 mm3 pcs72 pcs
6Setting4568/S H2 O14×10 mm3 pcs72 pcs
7Fancy Stone4120 001 L10414×10 mm8 pcs144 pcs
8Fancy Stone4120 001 L10314×10 mm6 pcs144 pcs
9Fancy Stone4120 001 L10214×10 mm2 pcs144 pcs
10Fancy Stone4120 001 L10114×10 mm2 pcs144 pcs
11Setting4120/S H2 O14×10 mm18 pcs144 pcs
12Crystal Pearl5810 001 9668 mm2 pcs250 pcs
13Crystal Pearl5810 001 9678 mm5 pcs250 pcs
14Crystal Pearl5810 001 9678 mm5 pcs250 pcs
15Crystal Pearl5810 001 6508 mm21 pcs250 pcs
16Crystal Pearl5810 001 96612 mm5 pcs100 pcs
17Crystal Pearl5860 001 94512 mm15 pcs100 pcs
18Fancy Stone4470 26610 mm17 pcs144 pcs
19Setting4470/S H2 O10 mm17 pcs144 pcs
20Pearl Transfer776544 001650976×54 mm0,56 m3 rows, 1 m

Proposal 2

An edgy contemporary craft look is achieved by weaving satin ribbon embellished with sparkling Hotfix Transfers into knitwear.

Nr.ProductgroupArticlenr.SizeAmount usedPackaging Unit
1Strass Transfer776506 231, 253982×2 mm3,68 m18 rows, 1 m
2Strass Transfer776505 231, 253982×3 mm5,19 m16 rows, 1 m
3Strass Transfer776502 231, 253976×4 mm3,82 m12 rows, 1 m

Proposal 3

Jewelry meets textiles — a casual sweater gets an elegant bejeweled update with this glam embellishment of Beads, Fancy Stones and Hotfix Transfers.

Nr.ProductgroupArticlenr.SizeAmount usedPackaging Unit
01Transfer737517 070/280
HEM/001 BLAPA/001
187×130 mm1 pc7 pcs
02Fancy Stone4120 001 BLAPA18×13 mm2 pcs48 pcs
03Setting4120/S H2 O18×13 mm2 pcs48 pcs
04Fancy Stone4327 001 BLAPA30×20 mm1 pc24 pcs
05Setting4327/S H2 O30×20 mm1 pc24 pcs
06Bead5747 001 SINI12×6 mm3 pcs144 pcs
07Bead5747 001 METBL212×6 mm4 pcs144 pcs
08Flat Back Hotfix2709 001 AB10×6 mm4 pcs288 pcs

Proposal 4

Funky Seventies sportswear is the inspiration behind this retro-style zigzag design that mixes Hotfix Transfers in shimmering pearl, opal and crystal colors.

Nr.ProductgroupArticlenr.SizeAmount usedPackaging Unit
01Mezzo Transfer776410 082-001/234/284/202137×92 mm2 pcs12 pcs
02Mezzo Transfer776399 081- 001/202/234/284292×92 mm1 pc6 pcs

Proposal 5

For a touch of ultra-modern romance, this sporty sweater features a radiant pixelated rose motif created with Graphic Fabric.

Nr.ProductgroupArticlenr.SizeAmount usedPackaging Unit
1Crystal Fabric608608 022-001M500227×214 mm1 pc1 pc
2Foil Print12171  

Proposal 6

The modern cut of this sweater is highlighted with striking rows of metallic Hotfix Transfers and lustrous Pearls for a look that exudes classic monochrome chic.

Nr.ProductgroupArticlenr.SizeAmount usedPackaging Unit
1Crystal Pearl5810 001 6506 mm60 pcs500 pcs
2Metallic Transfer776501 070232×113 mm2 pcs6 pcs

Proposal 7

A master class in casual elegance, this sweater is edged at the waist with a softly sparkling irregular tone-on-tone Hotfix Transfer design.

Nr.ProductgroupArticlenr.SizeAmount usedPackaging Unit
01Strass Transfer776540 001/001SINI/ 001SINI/280857×52 mm3 pcs3 rows, 1 m

Proposal 8

Sparkling Hotfix Transfers in a grid motif, with color degradé descending from the crown, gives this hat a contemporary chic look.

Nr.ProductgroupArticlenr.SizeAmount usedPackaging Unit
1Strass Transfer776415 223/001512×150 mm1 pc1 pc

Proposal 9

This sweater gets an ultramodern makeover with Hotfix Transfers at the shoulders in a striking geometric design with a color degradé effect.

Nr.ProductgroupArticlenr.SizeAmount usedPackaging Unit
01Strass Transfer776482 383/212/234135×222 mm2 pcs6 pcs

Proposal 10

This sweater contrasts Crystal Hotfix Transfers and Synthetic Transfer Foil as a glittering cuff detail for an ultra-modern yet feminine look.

Nr.ProductgroupArticlenr.SizeAmount usedPackaging Unit
01Creation Transfer776232 001LTCH/001LTCH/20961×191 mm2 pcs16 pcs
02Sew-on Stone3288 001 AB12 mm12 pcs72 pcs
03Sew-on Stone3288 50210 mm12 pcs96 pcs

Proposal 11

The trend for futuristic graphics on crystallized garments looks casually stylish on the latest athleisure wear.

Nr.ProductgroupArticlenr.SizeAmount usedPackaging Unit
01Transfer746091 096/096/001L1 04/001L104/238/00 1L102/215/390/001235×105 mm1 pc1 pc
02Transfer746090 096/096/001L1 04//001L104/001L104/ 001L102/238/ 215/001L102/390/001335×135 mm1 pc1 pc