Swarovski: Inspirational Trend Leader and Creative Partner

From Swarovski’s earliest days, close collaborations with couturiers, designers, and artisans have been very important to the company—indeed, it has made working with the world’s greatest talents a cornerstone of its business philosophy. This creative outreach has helped to develop a dynamic, mutually inspirational, and tightly knit synergy within the fashion industry. Today, Swarovski’s relationships with the global fashion industry have grown even deeper and wider, with long and intense partnerships forged over many decades that have pushed boundaries and set new trends.

But in order for new ideas in contemporary design to continue to ripple through the industry, the process has to start much further back. At the heart of Swarovski’s raison d’être is a dedication to nurturing the next generation. It offers encouragement through its support for the world’s most prestigious design institutes, offering technical training for teachers, equipment, and quantities of crystals to inspire and develop students. Each design school benefits from an Application Room, a dedicated space where students can experiment and explore using crystal as an ingredient.

Sponsorship of design contests is another way that Swarovski shows its support. The annual Festival International de Mode et de Photographie in Hyères, for example, where final-year students of fashion and accessories compete to be recognized as the most creatively expressive that year. A key draw-card is the opportunity to have their work scrutinized by the biggest names in fashion, accessories and jewelry.

The company also collaborates with up-and-coming designers from all over the world through a creative initiative known as the Swarovski Collective. These are up-and-coming acknowledged designers who receive crystals from Swarovski to create special garments and unique accessories for their collections.

Another platform that allows Swarovski to show its support for the future of fashion is the British Council’s annual The Fashion Awards, for example, which not only celebrates exceptional talents from the international fashion community, it also raises funds to educate the industry’s next generation.