Shine On

Crystal has always stood for pure radiance, so it’s no surprise that today, light, love and laughter via the brilliance of crystal has never been more desired. Indeed, the whirlwind of saturated crystal colors and clashing patterns that we see cascading into our lives and wardrobes has remained undimmed even during times of global uncertainty.

Consider the fact that while the recession was in full swing in 2013, consumers reacted by embracing “Normcore,” where wardrobes were stripped back to bare essentials in neutral tones and streamlined styles. But by 2014/15, Swarovski Professional’s Trend Intelligence Department was already tracking the early signs of austerity fatigue among a new group of bright young things in the rise of “Glamcore.” Its show-stopping, look-at-me statement fashions heralded the return of haute couture in a completely different guise.

Today, Millennials and Gen Z are dancing to the beat of their own drum. Conforming to styles dictated by retailers is not for them—they create their own fashion identity on their own terms. They not only celebrate, but demand, individuality and diversity, along with sustainability and authenticity, which together define today’s new consumerism. Add to this the desire of many top designers to rescue and re-establish intricate handcraft and embellishment techniques, and we see renewed emphasis on beauty in the world of fashion, accessories and jewelry.

From street style to sportswear and haute couture, Swarovski crystal is the creative material of choice. But don’t take our word for it. All you have to do is open a magazine, check out a fashion editorial, or watch a music video to see it for yourself.

“Embellishment goes beyond surface decoration, strategically applied to create other patterns, design outlines and dimensional surfaces. Crystals and diamanté pan out as a floral pattern or as decorative placed embellishment in a look fit for a princess.” (WGSN, Pre-Summer 2018)

We didn’t want to say it – but… #toldyaso

Main image on top of page: Isabel Marant with Crystals from Swarovski