Swarovski and Jean Paul Gaultier unveil new Kaputt crystal cut collection

Swarovski makes life and fashion sparkle and even the most complicated crystal designs are no secret for them. When we started on this adventure I had an idea and to see it so perfectly executed is a dream come true.

On January 28, 2015, Jean Paul Gaultier presented his Spring/Summer 2015 Haute Couture collection at his Paris headquarters on rue Saint-Martin. The occasion also marked the launch of the new Kaputt crystal cut, an inspired addition to the fashion jewelry world, exclusively designed by Jean Paul Gaultier for Swarovski.

The Kaputt crystal collection is the ground-breaking outcome of inspired teamwork by Jean Paul Gaultier and Swarovski. The story began when the designer, struck by the perfection of Swarovski’s crystal assortment, felt that the only way to make something completely new was to introduce an element of imperfection and as such, the ‘Kaputt’, German for ‘broken’, was born.

Jean Paul Gaultier’s answer was to design a crystal cut consisting of six variants that riff on irregular forms of pendants, square shapes and round stones in rich, shimmering metallic colors—a striking technological innovation that is at the same time perfect and imperfect. The process was complex and extraordinarily difficult, requiring over a year of development and close collaboration with the designer.

Created by Swarovski for Jean Paul Gaultier’s exclusive use until September 2015, thereafter it will take its place as one of the most radical innovations in Swarovski’s crystal assortment, confirming the crystal maison’s peerless market leadership.

Kaputt made its debut at the Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer 2015 Haute Couture show on January 28, 2015, for which Swarovski exclusively created special hand-cut versions in one-off sizes, in addition to the five general Kaputt crystal cuts. They featured in astonishing catwalk jewelry and accessories, as well as in embellishment on selected couture creations. Also part of his show were sumptuous couture dresses made using the recently launched Swarovski Fine Crystal Mesh to stunning effect as well as especially developed crystal transfer motifs.

The launch of the Kaputt represents a sparkling start to Swarovski’s 120th-anniversary year. Having partnered with the crème de la crème of the world’s couturiers throughout its history, Swarovski is very proud to have worked with Jean Paul Gaultier ever since he first established his atelier. The partnership heralds further mutual inspiration and playful creativity, with yet further exciting collaborations still to come in 2015 in Paris, Munich and Vienna.