Brilliant Bandings’ Rock-Star Appeal

Project your sparkle with crystal Bandings from Swarovski. Perfect for textile applications – on shoes, clothing or simply as a glistening accessory to inject color to a powerful look – there are few easier ways to give an outfit serious sizzle than using dazzling Bandings trim.

Shimmering radiance, so easily achieved

This ready-made, sparkling embellishment gives instant glam-power with crystals fused into various base materials featuring a rainbow assortment of crystal colors and effects. With several types of application available—Self-Adhesive, Hot-Fix, or No Hotfix—they are all equally straightforward to use on almost any surface. When used on garments, Bandings capture and throw off shards of light in sync with the body’s movement.

Have you considered adding a crystal Banding trim to supplement your statement look?

Long prized by designers in fashion, accessories, jewelry, interiors, and other industries, the ever-popular Crystaltex Banding is made using XILION Flatbacks, while Crystaltex Chaton Bandings features row upon row of tiny, perfectly faceted XILION Chatons, famous for their incredible brilliance. Now, there’s a new interpretation called Crystaltex Chaton Banding Honeycomb. With its delicate, interconnected structure of crystals and sophisticated range of colors and effects, its unusual appearance has huge impact.

Crystaltex Chaton Bandings also bear the hallmark of something bespoke; however, appearances deceive, because this shimmering product comes straight off the shelf, available in up to 88 rows of crystals. It graces couture ensembles from red-carpet creations to sports-luxe daywear; it twinkles on sandal straps; and it’s used in countless sparkling bracelets. Like fairy dust, it simply transforms everything it touches.