The new Contour Flat Backs

Introducing Swarovski’s new Contour Flat Back collection, a crystal which captures the essence of natural beauty. Beauty is not defined by the degree of perfection since natural beauty lives – for the most part – from small imperfections, from a raw, unspoiled exterior. It seems to follow its own rules of glamour, but the result is equally stunning.

Contour Flat Backs pay a representative tribute to the creativeness of Mother Earth. Each Flat Back crystal in our new range reminds the viewer of natural rocks. They give us the impression of natural discovery molded by a variety of elements over the centuries. Their asymmetric facets are bent into a shape that is slightly reminiscent of a footprint, underscoring the natural-looking surface of the crystal. In your hand, each one seems like a unique item with its own character.

With its organic shape, this crystal is ideally suited for edgy accessories with an ethnic or modern folk touch. Styles with a “natural feel” focus are also a good match. At heart, however, it’s a Swarovski crystal designed to enrich any look with a natural radiance, no matter what color or effect you choose.

Crystal Application

The Contour Flat Backs crystal is available in Hotfix and No Hotfix versions. You can choose between five effects and 6 colors.

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