The Cabochon Family

The Cabochon FamilyPearls are one of the greatest symbols of luxury. Their matte harmonious shimmer made by nature can only be compared with the purity of a diamond. No wonder the textile industry is so eager to use pearls on its fabrics. But what is the best way to apply this jewelry on a dress? A round-shaped object on a flat surface is not necessarily a natural match.

Swarovski’s expertise in crystal design led to a spectacular solution: The Cabochon Pearl

Combining a pearl-like surface with the established Flat Back Hotfix technique, the Cabochon Pearl creates a stunning effect that is both easy and versatile to use. The flexible Hotfix glue on the flat reverse side bonds with most surfaces; including wool, cotton, rayon, LYCRA®, silk, acrylic and denim.

Swarovski also expanded its Flat Back Bandings and Crystaltex Bandings lines with the Cabochon pearl.

Their release in late 2014 during the Innovations Autumn/Winter 2015/16 was certainly a great success, with these two options opening a whole new world of design possibilities for designers of fashion, accessories and even jewelry.

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