Crystal Brilliance For Leather Products

Enhance your look with a Metal Shank flourish. Choose a luxury Swarovski Rose Pin, Rivet or Button to stylishly accompany an effortlessly refined elegance. These items neither tarnish nor oxidize, which make them perfect for adding a touch of brilliance to leather goods such as shoes, belts, and bags, and keeping them looking brand new.

Rose Pins, Rivets and Buttons

Crystal brilliance that neither tarnishes nor oxidizes

Stainless Rose Pins, Rivets, and Buttons with Metal Shank all feature the latest metallic trend and offer a huge variety of design possibilities, including belts, sandals and leather jewelry brooches with Swarovski crystals.

Rose Pins are available in four sizes, from small and dainty up to statement proportions, and come in a dazzling array of colors and effects. It is a sparkling XILION Flat Back, which means that they are easy to apply because no back component part is necessary.

Rivets have now been upgraded with the glittering XIRIUS 1088 Chaton. They also offer a wide variety of colors and effects and come in five sizes, with either long or short shanks.

Buttons with Metal Shank now offer three variants in up to four sizes. The special design brings out the maximum brilliance of the crystal, and allows myriad color combinations. The casings are available in three colors: Gold, Silver and Gun Metal, plus the fact that there are both short and long shanks makes them easy to apply either by hand or machine. For further details please contact your nearest Swarovski sales office.

Adorn an outfit with the right size of colorful crystal-leather decoration.

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