Swarovski Design School Support

Growing Tomorrow’s Talent Today

With an ethos founded upon the fundamental belief that finding the brightest stars of tomorrow requires cultivating and harnessing raw talent today, Swarovski has developed a long-standing reputation for nurturing, developing and supporting young, promising designers. Offering opportunities to students of fashion, accessories and jewelry design is an important cornerstone of the company’s philosophy and key to helping shape the future of the jewelry industry.

This is why Swarovski currently lend their support to nine of the most prestigious design institutes across Europe, Asia and North America with Application Rrooms; helping to provide expertise and equipment that inspires students to break boundaries, explore new design concepts and challenge themselves and the notions of what is possible in jewelry design.

The colleges that are currently enjoying the many benefits of Swarovski’s support in this regard are:

  • Donghua University in Shanghai;

  • Shenkar College of Engineering & Design in Tel Aviv;

  • Royal College of Art in London;

  • Bunka Fashion Graduate University in Tokyo;

  • Istanbul Moda Academy;

  • Design School Kolding in Denmark;

  • Parsons – The New School for Design in New York;

  • Design Academy Eindhoven in The Netherlands;

  • and most recently, IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) in Milan.

The specialist assistance provided by Swarovski for these select design and fashion institutions comes in the form of an Application Room installed in each college.

The Application Room is a dedicated space in each college in which students can play with and explore to their hearts’ content the many and varied ways that crystal embellishment can enhance and help transform their creative vision from a dream to reality. The Application Room also allows for experimentation with stunning, high quality crystal ingredients that effortlessly express the beauty revealed in every facet of their work.

In addition to the Application Room, Swarovski also supplies  the below range of key facilities to those colleges who are a part of the Swarovski family:

  • specialist equipment needed for a variety of complex methods of crystal application to fabrics and materials of all kinds;

  • a yearly quantity of the finest quality Swarovski crystals to stimulate and inspire students, as well as stoke the fires of creativity;

  • technical training for their teachers in order to equip them with the knowledge necessary for tutoring students in these artisanal skills;

  • and the latest up-to-date information on the newest design trends and innovations in the industry.

Not only does this invaluable support assist in the preservation of traditional handcrafting skills, it also seeks to  encourage the development and advancement of new creative expression as well as enabling the stars of the future to flourish in a professional environment. Students receive the knowledge and gain the required expertise that they need in order to develop and craft the innovative jewelry concepts of tomorrow, whilst helping to bring their crystal-embellished dreams to fruition.