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Swarovski: Bringing the Sparkle of Crystal to the World of Fashion

It was around 1895, when he was starting his crystal business, that Daniel Swarovski famously declared: “Diamonds are for royalty; I want to create a diamond for every woman.” Since then, Swarovski crystal has come to be seen as an irresistible expression of everyday glamour that’s inextricably associated with fashion, fantasy and femininity. Few red-carpet events take place without a telltale twinkle from gowns and accessories, footwear or manicures that confirms the presence of these tiny, versatile and precious jewels.

Design driven, technology-focused, rooted in heritage, and defined by excellence, the name Swarovski represents the finest quality in the world. Universally respected for its spirit of innovation and premium precision cuts, the company is ceaseless in its efforts to improve what is already good. This has led to collaborations with designers across the spectrum, from emerging talents to established names, a practice that has long been a cornerstone of Swarovski’s philosophy for its ability to bring fresh stimulus to collective creative thinking.

These are ever-evolving relationships; they range from newcomers to the world of fashion design through to very long partnerships with some of the world’s most iconic names. Crystals convey opulence, add luminosity, enhance detailing, catch and refract the light, and follow body movement. Footwear is no less influenced, with designers combining crystals with a vast array of materials from leather and synthetics to rubber and plastic.

Exciting new crystal collections are launched every season, led by Swarovski’s Trend Intelligence Department at the company headquarters in Wattens, Austria, where they monitor and research the global cultural shifts that influence on fashion, providing thoughtful insight and inspiration for designers. In this way, the company constantly looks to the future, ensuring that Swarovski crystals continue to be an essential ingredient of contemporary design.

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