Gymnastics with Swarovski

Brilliance is when artistry and intensity meet. The brilliance of Swarovski crystals when used to shine in gymnastics is steadfast, their luminance highlighting graceful gymnast movement until the very end.

Swarovski with Elite Sportswear

Emphasizing fit, form and function, gymnast outfits designed by Elite Sportswear, the company behind GK Elite, have been worn by Olympic Gymnasts and World Champions for over 35 years.

The company created the first gymnastics leotards for the US Olympic team in 1992and since that time, these outfits have increasingly featured the highest quality crystals from Swarovski. Today, gymnast leotards for the world’s biggest stage without Swarovski crystals would be unthinkable!

This in turn contributes to the confidence that athletes feel when competing in an GK Elite outfit embellished with crystals from Swarovski, with athletes not the only ones to benefit. In Swarovski, GK Elite has found a partner that can take their creativity to the next level.

“Swarovski is the premium brand of crystals, unparalleled in quality and sparkles brighter than any other product in the world.” - GK Elite

Swarovski with Christian Moreau

By innovating technical fabrics and mixing different materials and applications, including the finest Swarovski crystals, to highlight its elegant designs, Christian Moreau have brought the leotard for gymnastics to a whole new level.

“Partnering with Swarovski is so easy. They continue to innovate and expand into completely different and unexpected arenas and these inspirations continue to fuel and further grow our business. They truly facilitate outside-of-the-box thinking.” - Christian Moreau

ERVY Sports Fashion with Swarovski

ERVY Sports Fashion GmbH is an internationally recognized producer of bespoke garments for gymnastics, vaulting, show dance, fitness and related disciplines and has worked alongside Swarovski on numerous creations.

“We trust in that distinctive Swarovski's Shimmer in addition to the high quality of each and every crystal. Their high expectations are a match for our own demanding standards of performance, making them an ideal partner" - ERVY Sports Fashion

Swarovski with Freddy

Freddy interprets and promotes the art of movement with its highly technical clothing collections, offering footwear and accessories for music, fitness, exercise and dance, utilising high quality Swarovski crystals in many of its designs.

“In addtition to that unique Swarovski shine, the products more than satisfy our highly technical demands for sports, fitness, gymnastics and dance products.” - Freddy

Lana Studio with Swarovski

Lana Studio focuses on exclusive outfits for the “most beautiful of sports,” rhythmic gymnastics, with most recent designs featuring Swarovski crystal-adorned outfits for the Russian National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

For Lana Studio, working with athletes is both a great honor and a great responsibility and in Swarovski they have a reliable, trusted partner who can help to bring design ideas to life.