The Shimmering Symmetry of Cheerleading and Swarovski

What are you afraid of? Jumping backward into a standing back handspring? Staying tight in an extended liberty? When it’s time to perform, you have to trust in your cheerleading training and team because the whole must be greater than the sum of its parts. So too is the striking luminance of a myriad of Swarovski crystals in comparison to a single stone.

To truly shine, Swarovski applies these same principals in offering designers Forward Integrated Elements. The symmetry of many Swarovski crystals allows the power of multiple points of light to shine forth as greater than the sum of any one focal point. And like any great cheerleading team member, we will be there to catch you if you fall, with Swarovski your partner for bespoke crystal solutions the world over.

Varsity with Swarovski Crystals

Varsity has been redefining the look of cheerleaders and dancers since 1948, personifying the best of the American spirit by helping to shape cheerleading into a dynamic combination of high-energy athleticism and entertainment. This latest range of Varsity fashion is innovative, yet highly functional and features exclusive technical fabrics embellished with the highest quality Swarovski crystals.

Each outfit is designed especially for the needs of cheerleaders with the designers at Varsity All-Star Fashion truly understanding the needs of the performers because they are themselves former athletes, cheerleaders, choreographers and judges with a background in design. The spirit of responsibility, teamwork and work ethic embodied by all performers influences every Varsity branded outfit, with this Swarovski collaboration ensuring that all Varsity athletes shine on the biggest stage.

"Swarovski shares our passion for cutting-edge innovation and design, technical training and outstanding customer service." - Varsity