Spotlight on Dancesport

Dance and dancesport costumes require one element above all else: the capability to accentuate and enhance every movement of the body. More than merely embellishment, precision-cut Swarovski crystals have been highlighting flawless performances from ballroom, ballet and burlesque to cheerleading and gymnastics for decades.

The latest Swarovski crystal innovations and inspirations are designed to lift an already spellbinding routine to a winning level. Among them is the new Majestic Blue, a mesmerizing color with a strong stage presence; the Emerald Cut Sew-on Stone, traditionally faceted to bring statement-gem brilliance to costumes; and Geometric Flat Backs, engineered for crafting bold decorative motifs and repeat patterns that give designs energy, form and balance.

Whatever the rhythm, the radiant emphasis that Swarovski crystals bring to every line and every fluid movement will ensure that the dancer steals the spotlight.

Crystals used in left picture:

Crystals used in right picture:

Crystals used: