Swarovski Athleisure Collection Spring/Summer 2018

The next evolutionary stage in how we dress is being driven by an increased focus on healthy lifestyles. Fashion-conscious people now demand clothes that will take them seamlessly from studio to street, and the industry has responded with “athleisure.”

So, as Swarovski launches its Athleisure Collection Spring/Summer 2018 in partnership with 13 activewear brands, the world’s most beautiful crystals can be found, once again, leading the way by reflecting the way we live. Welcome to #athleisurebeats.

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The new Sports-Luxe: #Athleisurebeats

Swarovski’s #athleisurebeats campaign is all about the philosophy behind its Athleisure Collection: Enjoy the benefits of an active, community-focused lifestyle, and look fabulous, too. This is embodied by Chicago’s Hiplets and the X Factory dancers from NYC, a dynamic group of young people who feature in the dance-off video above wearing vibrant crystallized looks by 13 global activewear brands.

Caraa Sport, Juicy Couture, Ultracor, Kappa, NO KA’OI, Roxy, Victoria Sport, Pretty Ballerinas, Marc Cain Sports, Mizuno, Holster, Mariam Seddiq and PRSR: For their Spring/Summer 2018 collections each has created pieces designed to advance traditional sportswear into the realm of “action couture” through high-end styling and the brilliance of Swarovski crystals. Think of it as the “off-duty model look.”

To demonstrate Swarovski’s expertise in using light refraction to enhance style and motion, renowned Creative Movement Director & Fashion Choreographer Normann Shay was invited to create a dance video. He devised a dance-off concept in celebration of diversity that was inspired by the Soul Train show of the 70s — a sparkling dance party of inclusive self-expression.

Create Athleisure looks with Swarovski's recommended products

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Sporting the 13 brands’ crystal-blitzed hoodies, crop-tops, jumpsuits, tracksuits, sneakers, eyewear and more, the dancers spent the day learning his groundbreaking moves, as well as showing off some of their own. As well as fizzing with energy, the end result demonstrates brilliantly how premium crystals can transform sports and casualwear into highly desirable fashion items — comfort truly can be as cool as style. And if Swarovski Athleisure’s formula is movement + glamour = active couture, then it follows that Swarovski crystals are an essential ingredient of this rapidly growing segment.

Want to know more about the Athleisure video?

Fusing classical pointe techniques with hip-hop and urban dance styles, the Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center is the only contemporary ballet school in the world that teaches the Hiplet (pronounced “hip-lay”) technique. It has become a worldwide phenomenon, and the infectious energy and style of the school’s dance troupe, the Hiplets, has seen them grace the likes of Moncler’s Spring/Summer 2018 runway in Paris.

Equally dynamic, the X Factory is NYC’s premiere urban dance-training program. It was founded by Kelly Peters to introduce the true culture of hip-hop to the next generation of dancers. They learn to mix breaking, popping, house and locking with cutting-edge techniques, and graduates have danced with the likes of Beyoncé, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Pharrell Williams.

Swarovski was inspired to work with these up-and-coming dancers, and delighted to support their schools. After all, their ethos chimes with Swarovski’s aims for its Athleisure Collection: In the dancers’ own words: “This is the era of comfortable and socially progressive glamour. We demand to be free, to be active, to be part of a diverse community—and all while looking fabulous.”

Normann Shay’s exceptional dance talent—discovered and nurtured by no less than Madonna—kick-started a genre-defining career that has seen him step seamlessly into a self-invented role choreographing movement for high-fashion videos and runway shows. It’s a truly unique way of operating, so Swarovski saw him as the perfect fit for its innovative #athleisurebeats campaign. He worked with the dancers in a studio in NYC to create the video that’s been causing such a buzz in the fashion industry and social media.