Sponsored Dance Sport Couple

Designers may apply shining Swarovski crystals – emblazoned on a dancing outfit – to a mannequin or a model, but in their imaginations they know their dresses were meant to move. On the sculpted body of a dancer, Dance Sport crystal embellishment emboldens confidence when it matters most. Sparkling Swarovski crystals represent the creative beauty and technical fluidity of elite dance movement.

Perhaps no one more thoroughly embodies the dedication, perfection and precision needed to be a champion than Austrian-born Kathrin Menzinger and Ukrainian-born Vadim Garbuzov, dance partners who have experienced the pinnacle of success in their discipline. Despite overcoming setbacks, injuries, and gruelling practice and travel schedules, the dancing pair’s unfailing commitment paid off brilliantly. The duo won the 2015 World Championship Showdance Latin and Standard titles in Vienna after more than a decade of dancing together.

They repeated the feat, becoming World Champions once again in Showdance Latin in 2016. All dresses worn by Kathrin are designed by her mother who has her own workshop called Double Dance.

Now, in addition to continuing their training and performances together, the team is now embracing its new role as the faces of Swarovski’s Dance Sport campaign #AllEyesOnYou.

What does it take to be a champion?

According to the pair, it takes the right mix of commitment, resilience, and chemistry. This and a diet of low-fat proteins, high-quality carbs, fruit and vegetables power them through their grueling routines. Two special weeks a year, the dancers allow themselves to rest and eat whatever they want.

To execute moves this complex, the pair had to have nerves of steel, technical knowledge and years of training, not to mention exceptional physical strength, acting ability and musical prowess; these are the ingredients of true champions. Master these aspects of success and there is only one element more: Unyielding trust in your partner.