Swarovski's new Shimmer Effect dazzles Dance Sport

Dancesport, with its lightning-fast Latin, smooth-flowing ballroom, and dynamic show-dances, captures the imagination not only because of the beauty and grace of the movements, but also its performance-enhancing costumes. Crystals from Swarovski play a vital role, catching and throwing light reflections around the dance floor, following the sinuous movements of the body, and creating a sense of spectacle. A costume may take as little as a couple of hours to make, but the crystal application can take up to ten times longer to achieve the body-outlining effect required by dancers to enable judges and audience to fully appreciate the choreography and its execution.

It’s this end usage that motivated Swarovski’s new Shimmer Effect. Its impeccable ancestry (it’s an evolutionary step on from the iconic Aurora Borealis) can be seen in its surface—a subtle rainbow of refractions that ripple in waves, shifting between three shades of a single color. As well as clear Crystal, there is a choice of 15 variants of color-and-effect combinations that give exceptional brilliance to each crystal, while allowing the original color of the stone to shine through.

Originally available only in Flat Backs, the new Shimmer Effect can now be found in Chatons, Fancy Stones, Sew-on Stones, Beads and Pendants, whose quality and glamour are unrivaled. Application is easy using common techniques, and its superb durability makes it resistant to chemical and UV exposure, perspiration and perfume, as well as mechanical damage such as from abrasion and plating.

As an embellishment for dancesport costumes, easy laundering is very important. Garments benefit from being turned inside out and placed in a soft wash bag prior to laundering. Avoid chlorine bleach, and washing on a gentle cycle using only mild laundry detergents. If tumble-drying is necessary, select a lower temperature. Dry-cleaning or professional wet cleaning are options, but the garment will still need to be turned inside out.