Sense and Experience

Sense and Experience Colors

Digitalization opens up an entirely new sphere for designers. With their roots in algorithmic data, innovative skeletal frameworks, geometric 3D forms and a new visual landscape emerge. Central to these digital design directions is an exciting multi-sensory approach that we, as sensory beings, avidly embrace.

Self-expression is key as a previously unseen, decorative and ornamental language evolves, where elegant tactility and 3D frameworks create immersive and engaging spaces. These spaces border on futurism when combined with crystal. Laser-carved elements, openwork, and the play with positive and negative space extend into rooms, lending a new multi-dimensional edge to interiors.

Neutral colors allow these engaging surfaces and spaces to take center stage and create a new interior reality. Precious materials such as metal and crystal add luxurious drama to highly tactile interior spaces.

Surfaces & Spaces

Surface manipulations merging crystal with wood, stone, metal, or synthetic materials play with openwork patterning and laser-carved elements. Spaces oscillate between geometric order and calculated asymmetry, while layered elements create additional interest.


Bold 3D sculptural lighting designs use rods, beams and grids in gold, copper, steel and crystal combinations. Reflection and texture manipulations become important elements in lighting.