Remember and Enjoy

Gone are the days when we hastily look for the next new thing—we now seek consistency and we are drawn to a reinterpreted version of the past that feels comfortably familiar and at the same time different. Refreshed retro elements remind us of a time when the world seemed happier, brighter, less frantic, answering our need to think positively, cherish each moment, and enjoy life.

Streamlined round shapes and seductively cheeky colors evoke a modern yet bygone mood that is witty, playful, and sophisticated, giving us joy and uplifting our spirits. Curved lines and soft materials reflect a cheeky character that speaks to us on an emotional level. We are drawn to the odd, imbalanced positioning of elements that add to the charm of this trend. Matte and shiny alternate, as sparkling crystal accents lend a sense of spirited confidence to interiors.

Surfaces and Spaces

Softly shaded, tactile surfaces using velour, flocking, and rubber create an inviting, joyful atmosphere. Spaces and walls lose their hard edges and become a canvas for surface experimentation, where round crystal, curved shapes, patterned floors, and clever paneling prevail.


Round balls, rings and colored glass play with a refreshed understanding of symmetry. Streamlined, yet luxurious crystal lighting elements create playful constellations with a retro edge.