Build and Create

Build and Create Colors

As our life expectancy increases to include additional phases, we opt for interior solutions that work today but may change tomorrow—just as we do. A creative mentality takes center stage as we enjoy experimenting and designing our own interior spaces.

Versatility is key as design solutions become toolkits for our creativity, allowing us to alter and rebuild. Modular, multipurpose elements are functional and easy to combine. We elevate industrial materials to the status of design classics, where geometric shapes and minimalist forms allow us the freedom to change and re-create.

Saturated basic colors reflect the versatility of this theme and subtle crystal shimmer creates fascinating contrasts.

Surfaces and Spaces

Industrial surfaces such as concrete, steel, and stone with coatings or even natural stone, lend a sense of longevity to interiors. Bold, honest materials combine with crystal in a basic and functional approach.


As creators we love products that show their construction methods. Utilitarian, sturdy elements such as steel tubing, iron rods, textile panels, and tubular lighting meet geometric crystal in practical yet stunning lighting pieces.