Introducing the XL Butterfly
An extension to the interiors product family

Following the dazzling success of the Swarovski Butterfly (8981) since its debut last year, the XL version (H85mm x W103mm) is set to bring yet more brilliance and beauty to interior design schemes, particularly lighting installations.

XL Butterfly close up

Like its little sister, the shimmering pastel blue of XL Butterfly represents a modification of Swarovski’s famous Aurora Borealis (AB) effect—the iridescent surface finish developed in 1956 with Christian Dior.

There’s an integrated, dimmable LED option, as well as a non-LED version, both of which feature an innovative, chrome-plated zinc body. With facets that produce an explosion of translucent, rainbow-hued, refracted light, the XL Butterfly has an otherworldly feel that recalls the Northern Lights.

Design applications for the XL Butterfly

Both the LED and the non-LED versions of XL Butterfly can be used to create bespoke interior installations, such as dramatic accent pieces for upscale hotel lobbies, restaurants, and high-end interiors in private homes.

Stunning ambient effects can also be achieved with dramatic applications to ceilings, walls and other surfaces. Weddings, for instance, and even appropriate corporate events such as fashion industry launches, will all benefit from the beautiful atmosphere created by the XL Butterfly.

Design applications for the non LED version

The eye-catching cut and size of the non-LED version give bespoke lighting projects myriad aesthetic possibilities. For a stunningly lifelike tableau, multiple non-LED Butterflies can be threaded onto strands or hung from chandeliers to form a shimmering swarm. Decorative constructions such as these are easy to achieve, thanks to the XL Butterfly’s minimum hole diameter of 1.2mm, enabling it to be mounted both vertically and horizontally.

Design applications for the LED version

The LED version’s fascinating reflections make the XL Butterfly a charmingly playful, romantic element when decorating venues for special occasions but also adds beauty to any architectural installation. Moreover, the integrated LED module (fitted within the metal body part) comes without a power supply or suspension in order to enable maximum flexibility in design and application.

The Swarovski XL Butterfly with integrated LED (H85mm x W103mm) is particularly well suited to bespoke lighting installations. Featuring the Blue Aurora Borealis effect, its pale blue and pink iridescence is magnified to spectacular effect by the fascinating light play cast on walls by the LED. It is dimmable, making it possible to achieve various levels of mood lighting. What’s more, the LED module is fitted within the chrome-plated zinc body part.

It is delivered with a pre-mounted steel rope, and comes without power supply or suspension to ensure maximum flexibility in terms of design and application. Featuring the pale blue and pink iridescence of the famous Blue Aurora Borealis effect, the Swarovski XL Butterfly (H85mm x W103mm), in common with its smaller sibling Butterfly, creates mesmerizing shapes on walls and other surfaces. Try configuring multiple elements of the smaller and larger sizes to create a sense of dramatic beauty. Alternatively, thread a number of pieces onto strands, or hang them from chandeliers, to create a lifelike shimmering swarm.