Mercedes-Benz Living @Fraser

Mercedes-Benz is entering the market for premium business apartments in collaboration with the Fraser Hospitality Group, a leading international provider of luxury serviced apartments. Residents will enjoy the distinctive luxury design and innovative technical solutions of a Mercedes-Benz combined in a highly exclusive luxury apartment designed for the car enthusiast.

Swarovski is delighted to contribute as partner by providing a particular design and feature element for their stunning interior design.

Taking the interiors of its S-Class and Maybach models as a starting point, Mercedes-Benz has completely styled six luxury apartments (of 100 square meters each) located in London’s glamorous Kensington area. Nine apartments are to followfollowed in Singapore in the beginning of next yearApril of 2016. Each Mercedes-Benz Living @Fraser residence has two bedrooms, a living area and fitted kitchen. Everything, from the lighting system to individual pieces of furniture, have been designed to create a seamless visual flow, but bu to one that exists without making the entire space open plan.

Daimler Business Innovation provide an insight into the first Mercedes Benz Living apartments on High Street Kensington, London. The designers talk about the process for designing the interior of an apartment in the style of Mercedes Benz including partnering with Swarovski on the crystal lighting in the accommodation.

Mercedes-Benz Living @ Fraser designed the apartments around the concept of modern luxury: an innovative contemporary lifestyle built around a high level of comfort and inspired design. The interior is designed around clean lines, luxury materials, and the sensory experiences of sound and smell that accompany the experience of driving a superior vehicle. Collaborations with high-end partners such as Swarovski and Burmester complete the experience of luxury living in an extraordinary setting.

Innovative accessories are built into the luxury apartment, from the eye-catching “Black Magic Wall that serves as a media wall with smart TV and innovative technologies for a luxury viewing experience to the flowing Swarovski Crystal Chandelier created for exclusive use in the space.

For the living area, a unique Swarovski Crystal Art Piece has been designed and adapted to the one-of-a-kind interior design concept. Over 20,000 Swarovski crystals have been used in total to create all of the 15 sparkling design solutions. With a size around 1200 x 800 x 800 mm and a weight of 120 kg, each of them will be a breathtaking ceiling mounted centerpiece above the dinner table.

Fraser arrives in Singapore

In Singapore’s Changi City district, Mercedes-Benz now offers nine luxury residences. Smaller than the London apartments at between 52 and 70 square meters in size, they embrace the Singapore experience and the luxury stylings of Mercedes-Benz. 

Our apartments are located in a separate section of the Capri by Fraser Changi City hotel residence, providing the hotel’s full range of services and use of its expanded business facilities and infrastructure. All-day dining and fitness areas are also located within the hotel and guests have access to Trek bicycles and AMG Simulator.

At Capri by Fraser, Changi City, the design elements are modeled after the Mercedes-Benz S-Class coupe. Leather from the car seats is used in the bed, sofa, and bench, creating a masculine look. A sparkling chandelier using Swarovski crystals from the car's headlights hangs above the dining table. The entertainment center and sound system are designed to delight even the ultimate techie. At Capri, Mercedes-Benz is offering the ultimate in luxury apartment living.