Red Award for the Swarovski Active Panel

Swarovski is proud to announce that it has won the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015 for its ‘Active Panel’. Impressing a 38-member jury, Swarovski Architecture and Lighting proved its excellence in the world’s most important product design competition. Swarovski’s Special Projects Team was honored to receive the Red Dot Award 2015 award for its innovative Active Panel.

With many thousands of brilliant, precisely polished crystals glued to each square meter of glass substrate, and backlit using special LEDs, the Swarovski Active Panel offers exceptional light refraction. And, thanks to an open structure, the crystals’ texture can also be clearly felt, creating an additional sensory experience.

The modular design allows the LED boards to be combined freely, enabling the creation of a wide variety of color combinations, patterns and shapes. The corresponding panel casing is custom-made and can be individually fitted. Approximately 200,000 Swarovski crystals make up the shimmering surface of the illuminated modular glass panel. 

Swarovski Active Panel installations are part of the new interior design trends that give the perfect touch of glamour to high-end architecture. Enhanced with Swarovski crystals and backlit with special LEDs, Swarovski’s Active Panels impress with the combination of light and crystals. Different moods are achieved by the interplay of ambient lighting, LEDs, or focused illumination.

Swarovski’s Active Panel will be showcased in a special ‘hands-on’ exhibition in the Red Dot Design Museum. After which it will be incorporated into the museum’s permanent collection.