Interior Crystal Innovations 2017/2018

For our interiors, we aim to create individual homes that reflect our personal sense of what living means to us. Purpose, personal experience, and sustainability drive us toward a new era of living and being. Our homes become playgrounds in which we create new things, enjoy life, and let our senses roam free.

Lighting Components

Hexagon Star is a stunning new lighting component inspired by the natural world’s foundational forms, such as honeycomb. It is notable for being one of the few hexagonal shapes on the market, its unique cut also revealing a star design. Symmetry and filigree high shine makes it particularly well suited to lighting.

Other striking new components include the Asymmetric Bead, a groundbreaking design that for the first time offers an off-center hole alongside an asymmetric cut, plus the shimmering Butterfly, a romantic silhouette with standout potential for interior décor and weddings.

Meanwhile, the latest colors and effects include on-trend Rose Gold and chic Arctic White—as a stylish counterpart to Jet, the latter combines beautifully with myriad other colors. Finally, there is Gold Patina, a milestone effect in the Swarovski palette that offers vintage crystalline brilliance.

Forward Integrated Lighting Products

Both the LED and the non-LED versions of XL Butterfly can be used to create bespoke interior installations, such as dramatic accent pieces for upscale hotel lobbies, restaurants, and high-end interiors in private homes. Stunning ambient effects can also be achieved with dramatic applications to ceilings, walls and other surfaces. Weddings, for instance, and even appropriate corporate events such as fashion industry launches, will all benefit from the beautiful atmosphere created by the XL Butterfly.

Knobs and Handles

Doors open smoothly and stylishly with Swarovski’s knobs and handles. Furniture, bathroom and wellness projects are brilliantly highlighted by 40 mm Square Handles in Gold, Silver or Stainless Steel.

Meanwhile, the 40 mm or 60 mm Asymmetric Ball featured in Crystal adds wow factor to any interior.

Crystal Strands

New Shimmering Butterfly combined with Octagon Lily add a touch of romance to your interior décor. Asymmetric Beads on metal rope can be combined according to your individual style.

Enjoy a whole world of design ideas: smart pinning technology allows for countless application possibilities, ranging from small highlights to lavish ornamentation and from subtle light spots to genuine eye-catchers.

Combine different shapes, materials, and lengths to realize your own creative vision.

Crystal Surfaces

Swarovski’s Crystal Surfaces Collection offers high-end interior decorative treatments with an unprecedented interplay of light and crystals. The range includes the winner of the 2015 Red Dot Design Award, the modular Active Panel; backlit by special LEDs, it can be used for ambient lighting, signage, interior art or ceiling panels, among other functions.

Other Swarovski Crystal Surface products:

  • The stunningly versatile Crystal Rocks with its 200,000 to 300,000 crystals per square meter

  • The smooth, glittering surface of Crystal Compound

  • The elegant latticework pattern of Crystal Grid in Soft, Hard or Compound surfaces

  • Hexagon Panel’s time-honored honeycomb design

  • Classic Panel, with its hand-positioned crystals that appears to make rooms more spacious

Not only does the Crystal Surfaces Collection enhance through illumination, it gives drama and personality to interiors.