Lighting Components

Perfection is achieved with perfect ingredients. The secret to Swarovski crystals’ unrivaled brilliance lies in purity of material, precision cutting, individual quality control, and perfect polishing. Each lighting crystal is compelling on its own, but well combined they open the space to a dazzling show of light with graceful beauty and luxury. They are the artistic media of today's designers, artists, and architects. How will you let them inspire you?

Swarovski offers more than 500 Lighting Components ranging from classic to contemporary shapes, including highly complex cuts. Our vibrant assortment is available in fourteen standard colors and nine different effects, with customized products available on request.

Our lighting and interior design focuses on using loose crystal stones in a wide range of colors, shapes, and effects to create a sparkling world of design possibilities. Swarovski's mastery of light makes our crystals the perfect media to transform lighting elements and create stunning architectural features.

Contemporary Components

In contemporary design, light and color are key elements for creating atmosphere and excitement. Light shimmers around the space, illuminating it and revealing nuances of color, casting shadow on texture, and creating vibrant details in unexplored corners. It completely alters the mood and feel of the environment, so give special attention to the quality of light in a space and how it is used. Swarovski's crystal lighting components are perfectly crafted to allow you to design with purity of light and play with its colors and effects.

With our contemporary collection of diverse lighting designs, this is just a sample of what Swarovski can offer:

Combining organic irregularity with leading-edge precision, the Cone suits both Classic- and Progressive-themed lighting designs, adding an eccentric edge to the traditional chandelier.

The simplicity of the Kite Shape Pear will enhance opulent designs, as well as those of classic elegance.

Hexagon Star is a stunning new lighting component inspired by the natural world’s foundational forms, such as honeycomb. It is notable for being one of the few hexagonal shapes on the market, its unique cut also revealing a star design.

Traditional Components

Since 1966, Swarovski has been producing traditional crystal components. The Pendeloque creates extraordinary shine and reflects a growing trend for high luxe.

Classic Pear Shape provides brilliant sparkling effects while the Ball design creates mesmerizing and graceful light-play for traditional chandelier manufacturers, as well as progressive industry leaders.

Customization Possibilities

Crystal Shapes and Sizes

Swarovski is famed for its unique crystal cut, such as the shimmering wave cut, and is always happy to work with customers to develop a bespoke crystal for any application. Crystals in bespoke sizes from micro to XXL, which are not available in the standard Swarovski crystal assortment, can be created on request, featuring the same cuts and facets within each special size.

Crystal Colors and Special Effects

The possibilities for creating special colors and effects outside of Swarovski’s existing assortment are limitless. Our LED solutions allow lighting crystals to be lit internally or externally, creating a truly dazzling impression. Contact us to explore the options.

Crystal Printing

To support your product branding, Swarovski is able to print exclusive designs, such as logos or a special pattern, on the surface of its crystals.

Swarovski’s Crystal Strands

Any combination of lighting crystals from the standard assortment can be requested to create a bespoke strand. The possibilities are endless.