Customized Product Solutions

Within the Swarovski crystal assortment and with the technical expertise of the company, our support options for your design concepts are almost limitless. Our aim is to make you and your product unique. Swarovski’s Customized Product Solutions Services are designed to realize your very specific design visions by going beyond Swarovski´s tremendous standard assortment of crystal components and forward integrated elements.

Crystal Color and Effect

The Swarovski STRASS ® Lighting standard assortment already dazzles with sparkling and inspiring colors and various tantalizing effects, but – of course – nothing is as individual as color sense. A whole universe lies between sparkling crystal and magical black, and we would love to hear about your color ideas.

If you are missing a specific color or effect within the standard assortment of lighting elements we offer options to create individual new combinations.

Crystal Frosting

Frosting has always made a stunning difference to crystal surfaces and is now more sought after than ever. Highly refined frosted areas are designed to play with radiance through unique patterning. It can be applied to a range of components, depending on shape and cut and is an ideal way to customize any product.

Shape and Size

New shapes that perfectly match your product design will get you one step ahead of the competition. New cuts for crystal elements are the master class of crystal craftsmanship. In that respect, Swarovski is definitely your partner of choice. Our experts look back on more than 120 years of experience.

Still missing a specific dimension in one of our standard crystals? We may be able to help you there, seeing that size alterations are easily possible in most cases.

Logo and Motif

Your products make the difference – let us make the difference on your products! Be your own designer and add your personal signature, motif, or statement to the crystal surface, using exclusive techniques.


For the ultimate in personalized crystal design there is the possibility to print any motif onto crystals by means of inkjet, screen-, or pad-printing technology.

Laser and Engraving

Choose your favorite crystal and personalize it with the help of laser engraving, either inside the crystal, at the top or reverse side. Did you know that laser marking on metal surfaces is also an option?

Crystal Strands - Line up for new Ideas

Achieve an intense and complex look with a simple technique: Crystal Strands from the Swarovski Architecture & Lighting Collection have long become a design darling among creative minds throughout the world – from architecture to interior, as well as set and stage design. With a large variety of colors, effects, and shapes stringed together in trickling, sparkling rows of crystal, Crystal Strands provide an endless source of inspiration for spectacular 2D and 3D installations.

All along the line

Enjoy a whole world of design ideas: smart pinning technology allows for countless application possibilities, ranging from small highlights to lavish ornamentation and from subtle light spots to genuine eye-catchers.

Combine different shapes, materials, and lengths to realize your own creative vision.

Ending Varieties

Standard Stainless Steel Crystal Strands are available with two different endings: Loop and open ending.

Important Notice

Crystal Strands are intended for DECORATIVE USE ONLY. Because of their unique physical properties, Swarovski crystals are not suitable for use in applications that consist of free-flowing strands and bring the crystals into contact with one another, which could damage them (such as functional curtains, partitions, stage decorations, etc.). It is up to the client to assess whether the strands are suitable for use in the intended application.

The application, use and processing of these products are solely the responsibility of the client, who agrees to defend and indemnify Swarovski, as well as hold Swarovski harmless from any and all claims by third parties based on product liability or otherwise relating to uses of Swarovski products the client has purchased, and waives all claims of its own. Please read instructions and warning notices in the Price List and the Swarovski Application Manual.

For customized varieties of Crystal Strands, please contact your local sales office.