Customization and Special Projects

Our bespoke lighting designs capture and communicate a broad spectrum of styles, showcasing the highest technical standards of modern illumination. We work with our customers to open up many different ways of combining light sources to suit any room design.


Philimi Yacht 

Swarovski crystals bring sparkle to Philmi Yacht, Interior designed by MELOT+TRILLO.

Merlot chose pale gray wood set off with Crystal Rocks Panels in metallic light gold from Swarovski, together with textured leathers, silver effects and sharkskin interior décor.

Eisprinzessin & Kristallkonigin

Designed by Griesser & Mayerhofer, the Eisprinzessin & Kristallkonigin fascinates with a sparkling interior, including crystal stairs, bars and a glamourous Swarovski Crystal Chandelier.

Retail Shops

Swarovski K24 Store 

Apply your company logo to Swarovski’s Crystal Surfaces to create an in store eye catcher that will draw customers in. 

At a Swarovski boutique in Mexico City, a wave-like crystal art piece appears as if it is making glistening movements throughout the store.

Special Projects

Design Miami/Basel

Three innovators—Anjali Srinivasan, Studio Brynjar & Veronika, and Yuri Suzuki showcased new commissions during the 11th Design Miami/Basel fair. The works were each inspired by the theme of “betterment”, with the designers crafting objects and experiences that enhance the relationship between people and the environment. The result is a multi-sensory experience that brings to life a new proposal for future living.

Glittering Wind

Glittering Wind designed by Kwangho Lee is the fusion of art and nature. Installed in Swarovski’s Crystal Worlds, the design was inspired by the welcoming warm breeze of spring.

Bespoke Lighting

Morning Dew  

Morning Dew plays on organic forms, combining crystals with petals to create a radiant effect.

Using the latest technologies, such as 3D printing, we can realize abstract shapes and modular structures to turn your desires into reality.

Shimmering Sea

Like the play of light on the wave of an infinite sea, Shimmering Sea holds you in its magic spell. Its sparkling reflections suggest feelings of both well being and limitless freedom. The crystal art piece is a meditation on the many moods of the ocean, as various light sources work to transform and abstract it into a crystal medley of watery art.