Bespoke and Special Projects

Our special projects encompass tailor-made bespoke lighting solutions in multiple settings—a union of crystal and light designed to bring luxury to interiors of every kind.

Tailor-made Solutions

For every idea there is a solution, and Swarovski knows how to find it. A dedicated team of industry experts offers 360° support to clients, from product design right through to assistance with manufacturing and installation.

Unique Services from Lighting and Interior Specialist

We combine our understanding of the power of crystal and light with a solid knowledge of the specific needs of the industry accumulated over decades of working on a great many high-end projects. We create stunning bespoke designs, as well as develop pioneering application techniques, and we offer comprehensive support throughout the entire duration of a project. This covers planning and purchasing, project management and creation, and ensuring flawless implementation in the end.

Your Idea, Our Challenge

As lighting and interiors specialists, we provide a very special service to the design and architectural sector. With the help of Swarovski’s collective creative competence, our expert team of architects, lighting planners and technicians, interior designers, product designers and engineers, we transform crystal into premium decorative lighting elements and solutions in tune with your creative vision.

Our design team is on hand to help you realize your own ideas with crystal, providing a full service from the sketch stage through to the launch.

Customization and Special Projects

Our bespoke lighting designs capture and communicate a broad spectrum of styles, showcasing the highest technical standards of modern illumination. We work with our customers to open up many different ways of combining light sources to suit any design in private residences, yachting, hospitality and public spaces.

Private Residences

When it comes to “painting with light”—creating an ambience using the correct levels and types of lighting—owners of private residences can rely on Swarovski to provide exceptional expertise.

Whether it’s grand statement chandeliers in lobbies and entrances, decorative lighting in living rooms, or smart lighting in bathrooms and kitchens, we can help make your home totally unique.

Luxury at Sea

Already a favorite with leading architects and interior designers, Swarovski’s lighting and interior solutions have become an integral aspect of luxury yacht and cruise projects. They not only offer a stunning range of elements from which to choose, they also infuse bespoke design solutions with clever creativity.

Crystal surfaces, produced in the Swarovski headquarters in Wattens, Austria, come in myriad colors in exact specifications, and are available in a plethora of striking options.

Retail Stores

Apply your company logo to Swarovski’s crystal surfaces or incorporate crystal art pieces into the retail environment to create a magnetic and eye-catching in-store atmosphere that will draw in customers.

Here, a glistening, wave-like crystal art installation appears to snake sinuously through the store, leading the customer on a journey and creating a unique retail experience.


An interior environment designed to make guests and visitors feel welcome calls for special attention to both practicality and aesthetics. Lighting is key to achieving this.

Swarovski has consummated expertise accumulated from years of international project experience on creating drama with iconic chandeliers in hotel or restaurant lobbies or reception areas and stunning surfaces that sparkle with crystals.

Art Installations

For many years, Swarovski has championed creativity and innovation by collaborating with leading artists on sculptural pieces and installations that can be seen gracing important buildings, galleries, and outdoor spaces worldwide.

Chief among these showcases is Swarovski Crystal Worlds: with its breathtaking indoor and outdoor artworks from some of the world’s finest artists, designers and artisans, it ranks among the most impressive tributes to the artistic potential of crystal in existence.