Crystal Surfaces

Swarovski presents its latest crystalline sensation: The cutting-edge Crystal Surfaces with unprecedented sparkling effects. This stunning collection of surface treatments is set to push the boundaries of crystal application within the field of high-end outfitting. It offers limitless and unrivaled crystal interior solutions in terms of quality, diversity and creativity.

Renowned creative director and make-up artist Sergej Benedetter has focused his talents on capturing their unprecedented reflective qualities in a series of striking images, several of which are published below as emblems of this incomparable interior decorative treatment. 

“There’s a fairytale quality,” says Benedetter, describing what makes these surfaces unique. “Laid against imperfect, or natural, materials, the perfection of crystals has a transcendent effect.”

Indeed, he has captured the crisp outlines, rich colors and infinite shards of light to perfection:

Active Panel

The Active Panel lights the way, combining the luminous power of 200,000 crystals per square meter with backlighting of special LEDs. This is an innovative modular concept that can be used in a variety of ways – ambient lighting, signage, interior art and ceiling panels are a few examples.

Hexagon Panel

Hexagon Panel is an homage to the world-famous honeycomb design that has sparkled on spectacular facades all over the world. The Hexagon Panel’s glass surface emits extraordinary levels of brilliance – the go-to choice for food and beverage environments, as well as reception desks and walls.

Crystal Rocks

An all-time favorite, Crystal Rocks and Crystal Fine Rocks truly ‘rock’ every design. Crystal Rocks delivers sparkling interior elegance through its unique “open structure” construction and a staggering 200,000 to 300,000 crystals per square meter.

Crystal Compound

Crystal Compound uses the spectacular 3D effect of Crystal Fine Rocks, but produces a surface that is entirely smooth and perfectly even, with a variety of colors for standout designs.

Crystal Grid

Crystal Grid features Crystal Rocks and Crystal Fine Rocks, with a selection of   either Soft, Hard or Compound Surfaces. The elegant latticework pattern comes in a range of colors, sizes and motifs, offering a variety of stunning design options.

Classic Panel

Realms of fantasy dazzle the eyes, Classic Panel alters spatial perception, making rooms wider and more spacious. Highly skilled hands precisely set each individual crystal into place, uniquely transforming walls, stairs and facades.