Crystal Strands

Brilliance all along the line. From the silver screen to the Oscars, Crystal Strands from Swarovski have long become a design darling among creative minds throughout the world, as they create an intense and complex look with a simple technique.

Since the beginning, Swarovski has been a design leader in crystal innovation, pioneering technologies and setting standards of excellence. Every crystal is engineered to stringent specifications to ensure excellence in cut, clarity, color, contour, and care for the environment. Our patented innovative lead-free crystal composition delivers unrivaled brilliance in a crystal that is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

The crystal stones used in these crystal lighting strands are made from the purest materials and processed with care to guarantee a crystal that is free from inclusions, bubbles, streaks or spots. They are cut into perfectly shaped, flawlessly faceted crystals. Each one reflects light and disperses it in all its spectral colors, creating a fiery display of color in the crystal and on objects nearby. As the strands move in gentle air currents, a light show plays out in the environment.

A large variety of lighting crystal colors, effects, and shapes is strungstringed together in trickling, sparkling rows of crystal, providing an endless source of inspiration for spectacular 2D and 3D installations and unmatched space-altering effects. Crystal strands are an endless source of inspiration, creating a variety of breathtaking effects.

Crystal has the power to capture light and transform it, bathing the space in a rainbow of color, or creating the illusion of dazzling stars. Swarovski's lighting and interior solutions offer a stunning range of lighting crystal elements and an endless source of inspiration for architects and designers. Swarovski continues to push the boundaries of art and beauty, introducing products that inspire and delight, and creating more ways to make life beautiful.

Artist Lee Bul, considered one of the most important contemporary artists of her generation, created “Into Lattice Sun” for Crystal World, translating her interpretation of urban architecture into a dramatic landscape of modern Utopia. Countless crystals and mirrors create the illusion of depth, distance, and expanse. This continually changing landscape of iridescent crystal inspires the visitor to discover it's many facets from every angle.

Enjoy a whole world of design ideas:
Smart technology allows for countless application possibilities. Allow them to hang freely or tether them on both ends to mold flowing displays of vision and ingenuity. Use them to create shimmering focal points, small accent lighting, or lavish installations. These crystal strands inspire top creative minds around the world to new innovations in lighting, architecture, interior design and stage and set design.

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