Atelier Swarovski Home Decor

From the sculptural orbs of Tord Boontje’s Lux Orbit to the biotic homage of Zaha Hadid’s Crista, the objects from the inaugural collection of Atelier Swarovski Home Décor Collection balance the conceptual with a functional creativity. Crafted with mixed materials such as marble, metal and Swarovski crystal, each designer piece exudes a unique luxury and an expressive modernity.

Designer: Aldo Bakker

Product name: Crystal Vase

Combining traditional marble with faceted, graphic form, Aldo Bakker’s Crystal Vase collection features modular crystal vases in three sizes. The base acts as a shallow water pool, with the body crafted from three interconnecting elements in either faceted marble or crystal, creating a fascinating play of light. Functional yet abstract, the designs are tactile and visually engaging.


Designer: Daniel Libeskind

Product Name: Architecture & the City

When art imitates life; Daniel Libeskind‘s championship-size chess set is an ode to the cityscapes of Milan and New York and some of Libeskind’s most iconic buildings. With mixed materials such as concrete, marble, silver and Swarovski crystal, this playful piece is meant for interaction and conversation.


Designer: Fredrikson Stallard

Product Name: Glaciarium

Inspired to create a collection which embraces the raw form of crystal, designer Fredrikson Stallard’s Glaciarium features a series of impressive crystal home décor objects whose naturalistic facets erupt in surprising luminosity. From the candle sticks to the impressive Orchid vase, each object expresses luxury in its own elemental way.


Designer: Kim Thomé

Product Name: Plinth

A poetic and inspired take on traditional candle stick holders, Kim Thomé’s design for Plinth features a stainless steel base mixed with a halo of colored Swarovski crystal. The articulate and graphic shape of these crystal candlesticks express a modern streamlined silhouette, while remaining true to elegance of a timeless form.


Designer: Ron Arad

Product Name: Alphabet & Numbers

Crafted entirely from clear Swarovski crystal, the Alphabet & Numbers series by Ron Arad are as playful as they are infinitely combinable. In a new font designed for the project, Ron Arad introduces a crystal incarnation of the numbers 0 to 9 and the 26 letters of the alphabet.


Designer: Tord Boontje

Product Name: Lux Orbit Lanterns

With their clear, crystalline glass and modern Corian base, these Lux Orbit Lanterns offer the juxtaposition of a candle's warm glow against a decidedly futuristic design aesthetic. Peppered across the crystal surface are tactile Swarovski crystals in various hues, giving the piece texture and character.

Designer: Zaha Hadid

Product Name: Crista

Sparked by Zaha Hadid’s curiosity about the natural process of crystallization, Crista presents an imposing centerpiece mirroring the process’s chemical form, rendered in Swarovski crystal and metal. The impressive size and reach is a testament to Hadid’s architectural skill and prowess. Crista was crafted using Swarovski’s new Wave Cut technology, which launched in tandem with the collection.

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