Architecture & Lighting

Swarovski continues its mastery of light and sparkle…

Driven by a pioneering spirit that dates back to founder Daniel Swarovski, it has always been Swarovski’s aim to find new ways to introduce crystal into daily life. It was in 1966 that Swarovski crystals were first used for chandelier and lighting designs. Since then, its lighting and interior experts have continued to push the boundaries, innovating what previously seemed impossible and creating products that simply make life beautiful.

Architecture & Lighting focuses on loose crystal stones in myriad shapes, colors and effects, completed by a dazzling selection of Crystal Strands, Knobs & Handles, Crystal Surfaces, Interior Decorations, plus Crystal Palace Chandeliers created by world-renowned designers. Through its project business, Swarovski also offers customization, creating bespoke solutions to open up a unique and sparkling world of ideas for designers, artists and architects.