Swarovski Supports the Trust Conference's Human Rights Agenda

London, November 15–16: Founded in 2012 by CEO of the Thomson Reuters Foundation Monique Villa, the annual Trust Conference is supported by Swarovski in its mission to fight slavery, empower women, and advance human rights worldwide. Delegates include global corporations, lawyers, government representatives, and pioneers at the forefront of the fight for human rights. To give an idea of the respect given to it, the 2016 event brought together 700 leaders from 60 countries, with media coverage and social media engagement reaching 65 million people worldwide, as befits an issue of such enormous global significance.

Originally known as “Trust Women,” it was changed to the “Trust Conference” to broaden its scope to include human rights, but with women’s issues still at its core. This is very much in line with Swarovski’s principles and ambitions. Swarovski strives to empower women across its value chain, from those who craft our products to those who wear them. The Swarovski Foundation partners with global charities to support programs that work with women on the ground, promoting their economic, social and political empowerment.

Swarovski is a major employer of women, as well as having a predominantly female customer base, which explains why women’s empowerment is a subject close to Swarovski’s heart; it also explains why Swarovski is supporting the excellent work of the Trust Conference for the fourth consecutive year. The Swarovski Foundation invests in training and development initiatives that enable women to break through social barriers, plus educational programs for young people and their communities to help them improve the quality of their lives.

The 2017 conference presented an impressive and diverse line-up of speakers that included sculptor Anish Kapoor; former Italian Foreign Minister Emma Bonino; North Korean defector and Human Rights Activist Jihyun Park; Raha Moharrak, the first Saudi woman to summit Mount Everest; Luis C. deBaca, the former US Ambassador to Monitor & Combat Trafficking; Kimahli Powell, Executive Director Rainbow Railroad; Livia Firth, Creative Director of Eco-Age and founder of the Green Carpet Challenge; John Morrison, Chief Executive of the Institute for Human Rights and Business; among other expert and insightful contributors to the conference agenda.

Swarovski’s support for the Trust Conference is a foundation stone in its efforts to align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, with a particular focus on working towards gender equality.