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Example of Xirius stones from Swarovski

Brilliance redefined

Xirius crystal

The Swarovski Xirius crystal — A diamond for every woman

An intricate, gem–like cut. Rich colour. Facets that sparkle, dancing with light. It’s not a diamond—it’s XIRIUS, Swarovski’s most brilliant crystal yet. With exceptional durability and radiance, the XIRIUS fulfils the dream our founder, Daniel Swarovski, began pursuing over a century ago: "a diamond for every woman".

Remarkable radiance of Xirius stone from Swarovski

Remarkable radiance

How does XIRIUS shine so brightly, throwing prismatic colour wherever light touches it? It’s a combination of our most advanced patented cutting technology yet, X-Cut, combined with the latest lead- and conflict-free crystal glass material, Advanced Crystal, and Silver Mirror Finish, our enhanced foiling technique. The final product resembles a brilliant diamond more closely than ever before. XIRIUS is made responsibly, meeting today’s toughest industry requirements—and anticipating tomorrow’s.

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Meet Xirius, Swarovski’s most brilliant crystal element

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Round stones — Simply round Swarovski crystals

Round stones

Simply round crystals

Round Stones are loose crystal elements offered in a range of sizes, cuts and colors. Most are pointed on the reverse, making them easy to fit into metal claw settings or glue into pre-cast cavities.

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