Example of shimmer effect from Swarovski stones

Making rainbows

Shimmer effect

The Swarovski shimmer effect crystal — Unrivalled elegance

More than 60 years ago, Swarovski and Christian Dior created the iconic Aurora Borealis Crystal. It was unrivalled in its otherworldly beauty—until now. Shimmer Effect is the next evolution of Aurora Borealis. It blends the original rainbow-hued, refracted light effect with a mercurial, futuristic gleam—in modern nature-tech hues.

Next-generation glamour from Swarovski shimmer effect stones

Next–generation glamour

Shimmer Effects crystals create a heightened sensory experience, like the Northern Lights that inspired them. Each crystal shimmers with three shades of a single color that cast wave-like ripples of softly changing light reflections, accentuating every movement of the body. With a subtle coating that throws off a rainbow of multicolored refractions, Shimmer Effects are perfect for anything you design. It’s especially stunning for apparel and dance sport, refracting light as the body moves.

The ultimate light show

Discover Shimmer Effect, the evolution of elegance.

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Round Stones — Simply round Swarovski crystals

Round Stones

Simply round crystals

Round Stones are loose crystal elements offered in a range of sizes, cuts and colors. Most are pointed on the reverse, making them easy to fit into metal claw settings or glue into pre-cast cavities.

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