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Be yourself crystal collection from Swarovski

Fall/Winter 2019/20

Crystal innovations an inspiration

It is time to be yourself

In an era of “stuffocation” and data manipulation, with algorithms feeding us our product choices, consumers demand, not only to look different, but that their products are created to reflect their individuality. Welcome to the age of extreme individualization – where the message is abundantly clear – it is time to just Be Yourself!

Check yourself trend by Swarovski

Carve a new identity

Check yourself

Seeking a degree of continuation and stability, a new, individualized format is being honored in urban settings with “heritage” re-issued in various designs.

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Find yourself trend by Swarovski

Reconnect and rediscover

Find yourself

A desire to reconnect sees off-grid living and down-to-earth styling become mainstream. Designers find individual inspiration with creations rooted in nature, celebrating natural landscapes.

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Excess yourself trend by Swarovski

Luxe minimalism

Excess yourself

Desiring bold, individual expression, consumers take to excessive volumes. “Luxe Minimalism” is a core component in large, attention-attracting design elements.

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Dress yourself trend by Swarovski


Dress yourself

The rise in “experience” design has led to the ascent of dramatic and theatrical statements for everyday dressing. More-is more continues its approach, offering a sense of personalized, theatrical overstatement.

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Crystal innovations


Imperial cut

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Coldfix application

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Pearl family

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Lacquer PRO

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Don‘t wait to create

From round stones and beads to crystal pearls, pendants, buttons and much more. The opportunities and variations of Swarovski high quality and perfectly crafted crystals are limitless. And with an array of the latest, most durable application methods, you can apply Swarovski stones to nearly any surface.

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