Example of how to use Swarovski stones for nail designs

Swarovski means beauty

Nail Design & Beauty

Swarovski crystal inspiration for nail design & beauty

Dive into our shimmering crystal universe to find inspiration and discover how to add sparkle to your designs.


Why choose Swarovski for nails?

Swarovski crystals deliver an unmatched sparkle

Unmatched sparkle

Swarovski crystals have exceptional light refraction

Swarovski offers a huge variety of crystal colors

Full-spectrum color

Swarovski crystals come in a vast range of colors and effects

Benefit from Swarovski’s great product variety

Wide variety of cuts

Swarovski crystals are precision-cut in a wide choice of shapes

Swarovski offers a premium quality

Premium lead-free quality

Swarovski’s standards are second to none


Discover our latest Nail Design inspirations with Swarovski crystals

Sizzling shimmer nails

Champagne, Rosé, Aurora and Blue Lagoon are the colors of the new Crystalpixie Petite Shimmer, and it’s the perfect palette for cocktail party nails. Get ready to set a sensational mood.

Design: Naoko Takano

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Bewitching Bling

Adorned with crystal necklaces, this fantastical feline helps showcase Jenny Bui’s stunning nail designs that glitter with Flat Backs in Crystal, Jet and Aurora Borealis.

An inspiration from the latest Book of Dreams Vol.3 published by Swar...

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The Style Setter

Take inspiration from sparkling waves crashing on golden sand and play with proportions to create bold and uplifting jewelry pieces that pair well with boundary-pushing nail art.

Design: Yoko Sakakura

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Cutie-Pie Nails

Get your kitsch on. Crystals in candy colors such as Light Rose, Crystal Summer Blue and Crystal Mint Green will let you take cuteness to the next level.

Design: Mei Kawajiri

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Power-pop nails

Indulge in the unexpected with this nod to 70s psychedelia. Clear Crystal pairs with geometric patterns for a bold, monochrome look.

Design: Mei Kawajiri

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Learn how to apply Swarovski Crystalpixie and Flat Backs on nails

Your guide to an expert finish

Apply Flat Backs and Crystalpixie

Follow these simple rules to achieve a professional finish. Plus, get insider tips to benefit from standout results.

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Try Swarovski’s small packing units

Time to experiment

Try out a variety of crystal colors and shapes on your nail designs using our sample-sized small packing units, each with 10 or 100 crystals.

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What’s your nail type?

Designs to match your nail personality

The Style Setter

My style changes daily. And so do my nails. They use their nails to express their cutting-edge looks, always pushing the boundaries with extraordinary, never-before-seen creations.

Explore the full crystal palette

The Crystal Lover

If it shines like a diamond, it’s on my nails. They like to keep it classic and sophisticated, yet with the sparkle of a superstar that draws attention to their immaculate nails.

Explore the full crystal palette

The Color Freak

My favorite color hasn’t been invented yet! They want to be able to access a rainbow of fun colors, effects and mixtures, so that they can always express their ever-changing individual style.

Explore the full crystal palette

Products best suited for your Nail Design

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Flat Backs No Hotfix — Swarovski crystals with extra brilliance

Flat Backs No Hotfix

Crystals with extra brilliance

Flat Backs No Hotfix are loose crystal elements backed with platinum foiling for extra brilliance and protection. These Flat Backs are easy to apply and are available in a multitude of sizes, colors, shapes, and cuts.

Discover all Flat Backs No Hotfix products

Your guides packed with inspirations, tips and trends

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The “LOVE ALL” trend theme: everything you need to know about the latest Swarovski Nail Innovations & Inspirations

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“EXPRESS YOURSELF” – Spring/Summer 2020

The “EXPRESS YOURSELF” trend theme: explore Swarovski Nail Innovations & Inspirations for the latest crystal looks

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The Nail Art Report – Insights 2019

All you need to know about what’s trending around the world, plus industry insights and how to identify the three nail personality types

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One Brochure, countless ideas!

Our Nail Art brochure showcases lots of inspirational nail designs and tells you which products you can use–and how–to get the look

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