Branding Program for Application Center

With a reputation as the world’s foremost brand for precision-cut crystals, knowledge, and service, Swarovski has been dazzling the world with its peerless innovation, creativity, and technological expertise since 1895. Our branding programs for Application Centers were established so that program participants may benefit from the halo effect gained from the association with Swarovski. Partners can leverage Swarovski’s exclusive global brand status to full advantage by including a Swarovski branding partner logo in their communication.

Swarovski’s rigorous review requirements are designed to ensure consistent top-quality delivery. As a branding partner, once you have met these criteria, certification as a Swarovski Official Application Partner or Swarovski Authorized Application Center will follow. Swarovski’s application center partners need to fulfill three criteria: extensive knowledge and competence with regard to applying Swarovski crystals; a comprehensive selection of Swarovski crystals; and impeccable standards.

Why join the Branding Program?

Key among the many benefits that come from participating in the branding program is the use of a Swarovski branding partner logo in your communication. This immediately flags up your status as a recognized application center for Swarovski crystals, which, in turn, inspires trust and confidence in your customers.

Strong Brand Visibility

The prominent addition of a Swarovski Branding Partner logo alongside your own logo provides visible proof to your customers that you are a genuine Swarovski Official Application Partner or Swarovski Authorized Application Center and apply the highest standards in your business practices.

Differentiation from competitors

Only carefully selected Application centers qualify for the exclusive Swarovski branding program. Having the Official Application Partner or Authorized Application Center logo displayed in your showroom, trade fairs, and online, publicly identifies you and sets you apart from your competitors.

Increased attractiveness for your customers

Once your official status is apparent, it will have a pronounced effect on your customers’ response, leading to a noticeable increase in revenue.

Our Services

A broad range of marketing materials is available for you to choose from:

  • Showroom POS signage

  • Logos

  • Sales support

  • Access to Swarovski’s network

  • Professional technical application advice

Join our Branding Program

Complete the online application form, and see how the benefits of being a Swarovski branding partner have a positive effect on your business.