12. Your name or brand must be prominent

Swarovski Brand Guideline 12. Your name or brand must be prominent

Ensure that your own name or brand (or the producer’s name) is the most prominent name or brand used in the promotion of the product.

Consistent with the requirement that it be clear that you are (or your supplier is) the producer and/or marketer of the finished goods, you must ensure that your own (or your supplier’s) name or brand is the most prominent name or brand used in the promotion of these goods.

In all advertising and promotion of the goods incorporating Swarovski® Branded Crystals, the Swarovski® trademark must never be the only trademark to appear. Your own (or your supplier’s) brand, name or logo must be used in reference to the products, and must be used as the most prominent name or brand, so it is clear that you or your supplier (not Swarovski) is the source of the product.

For example, you must never refer to the product as “Swarovski jewelry” or “Swarovski sunglasses.” Similarly, you must never present the products under the headline or banner or category name “Swarovski.” Your (or your supplier’s) product must be presented as your own (or your supplier’s) and Swarovski must be referenced only in connection with the ingredient Swarovski components.

For example:

DIANA’S JEWELRY embellished with crystals from Swarovski®

To ensure the prominence of your own brand (or your supplier’s brand) in all of your marketing and promotional materials, reference to the Swarovski trademark may be made only as a text reference in body copy, as set forth more fully in the Basic Guidelines. Use of the Swarovski trademark in headlines or other visually prominent spaces must be avoided.