7. Correct reference to the company

Use the Swarovski company name as a noun, without trademark symbols.

When referencing a Swarovski company or the group of Swarovski companies collectively, it is acceptable and appropriate to use Swarovski as a noun, since it functions as a noun in this case. In addition, no ® is required when using Swarovski as a company name.

Trademark Use:

  • Our handbags are encrusted with glittering Swarovski® crystals.

  • Diana’s Eyewear features crystals from Swarovski®.

  • Swarovski® beads allow you to design your own personal jewelry creations.

Company Name Use:

  • Swarovski is the world’s leading producer of premium crystals.

  • Swarovski offers a range of services to its business partners.

  • Swarovski’s passion for innovation and excellence is unmatched.